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Marlin, Texas, is a city with a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. Located in Falls County, it has been shaped by various economic, social, and cultural developments over the years.

Marlin was established in 1851, when the Texas legislature created Falls County. It was named after John Marlin, one of the early settlers and a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. John Marlin had settled in the area in the 1830s, and his contributions to the region were honored by naming the new town after him.

The city was officially incorporated in 1867. Marlin’s growth was significantly influenced by its location along key transportation routes. The arrival of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1871 spurred economic development, making Marlin a hub for trade and agriculture. The town became known for its cotton production, which was the dominant crop in the area.

One of the most notable chapters in Marlin’s history is its reputation as a health resort. In 1892, hot mineral water was discovered while drilling for an artesian well. The water, rich in minerals and at a constant temperature of around 147 degrees Fahrenheit, was believed to have therapeutic properties. This discovery transformed Marlin into a popular health resort, attracting visitors from across the country seeking treatment for various ailments. Several bathhouses, hotels, and sanatoriums were established, and Marlin became known as the “Hot Mineral Water City of Texas.”

The Great Depression of the 1930s hit Marlin hard, as it did many other communities. However, the city’s mineral water industry helped it endure economic hardships longer than some other towns. After World War II, the popularity of mineral water treatments began to wane with the advent of modern medicine and improved healthcare facilities. Marlin’s economy faced significant challenges as a result.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Marlin transitioned from its reliance on mineral water tourism to other economic activities. Agriculture remained important, but the city also sought to diversify its economy. Efforts were made to attract new businesses and industries to the area.

Marlin has several historical sites and buildings that reflect its rich past. The Falls County Courthouse, built in 1939, is a notable landmark. Additionally, the city’s history is preserved and celebrated through local museums and historical societies.

Today, Marlin is a small but resilient community. While it no longer enjoys the bustling tourism industry of its mineral water heyday, the city retains its charm and historical significance. Efforts to revitalize the downtown area and preserve its historical heritage continue to shape Marlin’s identity.

Marlin, Texas, with its unique history as a health resort and its enduring spirit, remains a testament to the adaptability and resilience of small-town America. From its founding in the mid-19th century to its present-day efforts to preserve and celebrate its heritage, Marlin’s history is a rich tapestry of economic, social, and cultural developments.

Marlin Independent School District (MISD) in Texas has several commendable qualities that contribute to the positive experiences of its students and community:

  1. Leadership and Governance: Dr. Darryl Henson, the Superintendent of Marlin ISD, has been recognized for his exceptional leadership. Under his guidance, the district has made significant academic improvements, achieved the highest ratings on financial audits, and successfully passed a $32 million bond for facility and security upgrades​ (Marlin ISD)​​ (Marlin ISD)​.
  2. Teacher Incentive Programs: MISD is part of the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program, which aims to reward and retain effective teachers through financial incentives. This program helps attract high-quality educators to the district, enhancing the overall teaching and learning environment​ (Marlin ISD)​.
  3. Academic and Career Pathways: The district is involved in the Rural Pathway Excellence Partnerships (R-PEP), which provides enhanced educational and career opportunities for students in rural areas. This initiative helps students access post-secondary pathways and prepare for competitive careers​ (Marlin ISD)​.
  4. Community and Student Support: MISD focuses on creating a safe and nurturing environment for its diverse student body. The district emphasizes academic excellence and responsible citizenship. The supportive culture extends to various extracurricular activities and community engagement initiatives​ (Marlin ISD)​​ (Public School Review)​.
  5. Financial Management: Marlin ISD has demonstrated effective financial management, with revenue and spending per student being higher than the state average. This prudent management ensures that the district can provide quality resources and facilities for its students​ (Public School Review)​.
  6. Improved Academic Performance: Recent years have seen academic gains that led to the Texas Education Agency initiating the process of transitioning MISD back to local governance. This shift highlights the district’s progress in overcoming past challenges and improving academic standards​ (Marlin ISD)​.

These qualities collectively contribute to a positive educational environment in Marlin ISD, fostering both academic and personal growth for its students.

Currently, the City of Marlin is planning for growth. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has been approved, formed and funded by the City. The EDC is currently in discussions with a truck stop who wants to build a station in Marlin, a developer who wants to build affordable houses in Marlin, and a fiber optics company that is interested in bringing lower-cost high-speed internet to the area.

Marlin, Texas, is the county seat of Falls County. It has several economic advantages that contribute to its potential for growth and development. Here are ten notable economic advantages:

Incentives for Businesses: Local government offers various incentives to attract new businesses, including tax abatements and grants, Marlin fosters a business-friendly environment and has a designated Industrial Park and Enterprise Zone.

Low Property Prices: Lower property prices make it easier for businesses to acquire land and for individuals to purchase homes, encouraging both residential and commercial development.

Strategic Location: Marlin’s proximity to rail and major highways and cities like Waco provides easy access to larger markets, facilitating trade and commerce.

Affordable Cost of Living: Marlin offers a lower cost of living compared to many urban areas, making it an attractive place for individuals and businesses seeking to reduce expenses.

Renewable Energy Potential: Opportunities for renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind, can attract investment and create jobs in the green energy sector.

Healthcare Facilities: Presence of the Falls County Hospital and Clinic provides jobs and attracts residents seeking medical service.

Historical and Cultural Attractions: Marlin’s historical landmarks and cultural heritage can attract tourism, boosting local businesses and services.

Agricultural Base: The region’s rich agricultural land supports farming and ranching, providing a stable economic foundation and opportunities for agribusinesses.

Skilled Workforce: Access to a skilled workforce from nearby educational institutions ensures that businesses can find qualified employees. The Marlin Independent School District participates in the Rural Pathways Excellence Program. This provides funding to collaborate with education and industry partners, which are aligned with regional workforce needs, for their students post-graduation.

Community and Municipal Support: Strong community support for local businesses and initiatives helps create a thriving local economy, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

These advantages collectively make Marlin, Texas, a promising location for economic growth and development.

Texas’ One Stop Shop

  • Houston – 154.0 miles
  • Austin – 104.0 miles
  • Killeen – 63.4 miles
  • Dallas – 118.4 miles
  • Waco – 30.1 miles
  • San Antonio – 182.3 miles

Economic development is necessary for the future prosperity and advancement of the City of Marlin. To obtain it requires a specific process with the commitment of people, time, energy and funds. In order to provide these needed funds to municipalities the State of Texas passed a state law that allows the creation of Economic Development Corporations that are funded via the city sales tax.

At first these corporations were restricted to only fund business and industrial projects. These corporations are call Type A corporations. As time passed it became clear that in order to attract economic development, a supportive community is also needed. This led to the creation of Type B corporations. A Type B corporation can support all of the Type A projects and in addition they can also support community development projects. This support platform of amenities includes such things as sport and athletic facilities, entertainment and recreational activities, affordable housing and other developments that support a vibrant community. The Marlin Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is a type B Corporation.

It was created by the Marlin City Council in 2022. In order to fund the MEDC the city voters approved, by an 80% vote, the allocation of 0.25% of the 1.5% City Sales Tax to the MEDC Fund. These funds can only be used for the specific projects listed under the Texas State law for the economic development of the City and for no other purpose. The funds are intended to promote manufacturing and business development. As a type B corporation, we can also use the funds to support certain quality of life projects.

The MEDC has developed strong support from the city government, business community and residents of Marlin. We have made substantial progress in attracting new economic development and in making business grants available to businesses in our city.

The MEDC is committed to the economic development in the City of Marlin that will result in a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable community


That all of the residents of the City of Marlin will live in a safe healthy inclusive prosperous vibrant and sustainable community with respect and dignity for all.


To improve the quality of life for the residents of the City of Marlin by facilitating and stimulating sustainable growth in production and consumption of goods and services in an environmentally and business friendly manner with inclusion and collaboration of all involved and with transparent fiscal responsibility being respectful of the concerns of all of the residents and the historic nature of the city.


To foster support and encourage economic development in the City of Marlin.

Courtney Henderson

Board Member

The city of Marlin has a number of incentives to attract economic development in our area. Among the many opportunities are:

Apart from attracting new business to the City of Marlin, the Marlin Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) can also assist existing businesses in the City. It is important for our economic development that that existing business be retained and  where possible expanded.

One of the ways in which this can be done is via the MEDC Business Improvement Grant  which assists in the refurbishment, beautification and redevelopment of business properties in the city. This will also result in an improvement  in the visual character of the community.

The grant is a 50% reimbursable matching  grant of up to $2,500 for projects costing between $500 and $20,000. The grant is payable at the satisfactory completion of the project.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for this grant.

Allows the City of Marlin to offer full or partial property tax exemption for new investments for a period not to exceed 10 years.

The City has the ability to wave permit and fees  for new construction that will enhance the economic development in our area.

 The City of Marlin has an Economic Development and Opportunity Zone. This  allows investment in this area to spur economic growth and job creation while providing tax benefits to investors.

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